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Community Engagement and Development

In order to build strong communities a community must mobilize and sustain strong neighborhoods. Strong neighborhoods are the backbone to strong communities, inclusive of business growth and tax. Twelfth Street Heritage Development Corporation promotes community development through the following methods:

TSHDC promotes community development through the following methods:

Identifying Community Leaders and Provide Training to Increase Capacity

Staff works to educate leaders in the community who volunteer to learn about crime prevention,neighborhood safety, and home ownership.

Facilitating Meetings Between Community and Leaders

Facilitating meetings between community leaders, volunteers, neighborhood associations, tenant association and the police department.

Set Strategic Goals for Reporting Crime and Drug Activities

Along with the police department, training these entities to set strategic goals for reporting crime and drug activities.

Monitor statistical crime and drug activities

In partnership with the police department, monitor the levels of crime and drug activities in their area through statistical data.

Create a proactive drug free and safe environment

Distribute information regarding resources that will empower these entities to be proactive in creating a  drug free and safe environment.

Encourage youth activity in the community

Bridge the gap between the adults and youth in the community by encouraging and soliciting their participation in the youth mentoring program.

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