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Homeowner Counseling Services

Our housing counseling program provides information and assistance to homebuyers, homeowners, and renters with the goal of preventing loan defaults, bank and mortgage counseling intervention, foreclosures, or non-payment of rents.

Services include, but are not limited to: mortgage defaults, home buying, budget credit management, landlord/tenant problems, fair housing problems, evictions, housing search, emergency assistance and homeless prevention. Referrals will be made to agencies for services provided through our local, state and federal governments as needed.

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Renter Counseling

Counseling for delinquent renters, for tenants facing eviction, for landlord and tenant responsibilities, including repair and maintenance issues, and the availability of renter assistance.

Pre-purchase Housing Counseling

Counseling for those interested in purchasing a home. The counseling will generally consist of information on financial responsibilities, budgeting, housing needs, housing quality, maintenance requirements, and other costs associated with a home purchase.

Homeownership Counseling

Counseling with the emphasis is on financial management, debt management, and maintenance needs. Included are default counseling, foreclosure prevention counseling, and relocation counseling.

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