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Twelfth Street Heritage Development Corporation

"…to improve the quality of life for residentswhere involved citizens chart their own destiny."

The Mission and Vision

"...a quality neighborhood where residents feel chart their destiny."

The Mission:

To provide quality, stable, and affordable housing through real estate development and housing rehabilitation, and to improve the quality of life for residents

The Vision:

To create a healthy neighborhood where quality housing is available, where residents walk the streets and use the parks with a feeling of safety, and where involved citizens chart their own destiny.

Services and Programs

Services are Provided to the Community
to Help Empower and Advance People’s Lives

Get Involved


Are you interested in helping the community? We're happy to have you join our efforts in empowering and advancing people's lives!



Your contributions help us continue the work. All proceeds go towards real estate development, new construction, and the rehabilitation of Kansas City, Missouri's East Side.


We continue to draw inspiration from our strong economic development history. Opportunities at Twelfth Street Heritage Development Corporation are limitless. We're chartering new strategies and programs that have profound and sustainable impacts on our community. 

We're creating a new vision from our past. We charter new economic development strategies for economic development, we too are still committed to providing needed social and economic services that develop the lives of our Kansas City residents.

Dwayne Williams, President and CEO


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